About Us

Driven by a passion for Rugs, we founded Creativa Merchandise with a mission to offer premium quality Rugs that make perfect gifts. Our primary objective has always been to provide Rugs that are exquisitely gift-wrapped, ensuring that the recipient is overjoyed upon receiving it.


Our small team will take care of your Rugs every step of the way.

Our Goals

We work hard with our suppliers to bring you top quality Rugs at the best prices.

The Company

At Creativa Merchandise, we want to help bring the joy of decorating to anyone and everyone.

“Creativa Merchandise” is a brand of “CREATIVA MERCHANDISE LTD”. Registered in England and Wales No: “14770174”

  • 7 Coronation Road, Dephna House, Launchese #105, London, United Kingdom, NW10 7PQ
  • +447441392862
  • [email protected]